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Normandy Cottages holiday accomodation rental clauses

Article 1 – Booking confirmation
The booking shall be effective once the owner has checked availability on requested dates.
Booking will be firm once the guest has paid Normandy Cottages a deposit amounting to 30% of the total price by cheque or communicated a bank card number to allow Normandy Cottages to debit the said amount.
On booking, the guest confirms that he/she has read and taken due note of the present terms and conditions.
Rental may not benefit third parties, whether physical or corporate, even partially, without due written agreement of the owner.
Any infringement of the above paragraph shall result in the immediate cancellation of the booking and shall be the exclusive responsibility of the guest. All rental charges shall remain due to Normandy Cottages and no refund shall be provided.

Article 2 – Cancellation
Cancellations should be made by email or by phone to Normandy Cottages. No refund shall be provided, except unless the accommodation is rented for the same period.
If the guest shortens his/her stay, the full rental charge applies. No refund shall be provided.

Article 3 – arrival and departure
Bookings start at 4 pm on the day of arrival and run until noon  on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed, in which case the modified terms and conditions shall be stipulated herein.
In case of late arrival (after 7 pm), the guest should inform Normandy Cottages. If the guest does not show up on the planned day and if after 24 hours Normandy Cottages has received no notification, the present contract shall be deemed cancelled and all amounts paid will remain the property of Normandy Cottages, who may rent the accommodation as it sees fit.

Article 4 – Payment
The booking comes into force as soon as the guest has paid 30% of the total rental fee or communicated his/her bank card number. The outstanding amount must be fully paid on the day of arrival.

Article 5 – Length of Stay
The guest signing the present contract, which has been concluded for a fixed term, shall under no circumstances claim the right to remain on the premises after the end of the rental period.

Article 6 – Use of the premises
The guest shall treat the rented accommodation and all the equipment that belongs to it with care in conformity with its intended usage as holiday accommodation.

Article 7 – Capacity
The present contract includes a reference to the maximum number of guests who may use the facility. Should the number of guests exceed this number, Normandy Cottages may refuse guests in excess. Any modification or breach of the present contract is the sole responsibility of the guest.

Article 8 – Animals
The present contract stipulates on reservation if the guest is staying with a pet. In case of infringement of this clause by the guest, Normandy Cottages may refuse the accommodation. No refund shall be provided.

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